A Plus Sprinkler and Landscape Testimonial

I made a special offer to my clients at the end of 2011. Because the end of the year is notoriously slow, I said I would make a free video for my customers. 3 got back to me and got their free video. While I was there, I asked them to say a word or two about Ellsworth Marketing and our web design services.

My customers are great. I really appreciate them. This was the first video that we shot. Andy Villaescusa of A Plus Sprinkler and Landscape gave us this great testimonial. Thanks Andy!

Here is some of what Andy said about us…

“I had Shaun set up my website for me… It has helped me with my business, grow my customers. It has been a very very positive thing for me. And it has enabled me to reach clientele that I normally wouldn’t have been able to reach before. I now have a web presence which makes a big difference because most people now days go to the web.”

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