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VenetArt.com Testimonial

Published on April 27, 2012 By Shaun

Steve VenĂ©t from VenetArt.com paints poker tournaments and poker players. Ellsworth Marketing created and hosts their affordable website. Our prices start at only $277 for a 5-page WordPress site. We will even install your content for you at that price. If you want SEO or Search Engine optimized content written for you, our 5-page site […]

How Do Search Engine Spiders See Your Website?

Published on May 24, 2011 By Shaun

Here is a great tool so that you can see how the search engines see your website. If your text doesn’t show up very prominently, then the search engines can’t index your site. This tool gives you an idea of how the search engines see your site. If you don’t like what you see, Ellsworth […]

Secret Project

Published on September 15, 2010 By Shaun

I started on a secret project today. I signed a non-disclosure, so I can’t tell you anything about it. Boring post, huh? Not necessarily so. Anyway, I am involved in testing keywords and helping to define the niche. Keyword Marketing and SEO is my specialty, so I am looking up a bunch of words to […]

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