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Affordable Website Design – Cheap Web Designer

Published on July 25, 2011 By Shaun

I just finished a sales video advertising “Affordable Website Design – Cheap Web Designer” to put on my www.277websitedesign.com site. Cooper helped me shoot it. I edited it in Final Cut Pro. I had a good time making it and should really make more of them. Let me know what you think.

New Local Search Video

Published on February 2, 2011 By Shaun

I spent all day working on a video for businesses to watch. Really. All day. From 8 am to 3 am the next morning. It is fun to work on, but it always takes longer than I think it will. What is the video about? It is about how Google’s Local Search rankings have improved […]

Fun Facts About Online Video

Published on February 8, 2010 By Shaun

I will update this post as I find more facts about online video. “52% of people who see an online video ad go to a website, visit a physical location, or buy something.” Source: Online Publishers Association, Frames of Reference Study, 2007


Published on January 29, 2010 By Shaun

Hey, I am tickled with the great results we are seeing. I created several generic dentist videos and posted them. Here is where they are showing up: Redlands Dentist First page of Google for Redlands Dental Veneers First page of Yahoo for: Redlands family dentist Redlands dentist ratings Family Dentist Redlands and more. Yahoo really […]

Online Video Marketing ROCKS!

Published on January 25, 2010 By Shaun

Like it or not, the world is changing. The Internet has moved things up to the speed of light. It reaches around the world and informs people in your own back yard. 80% of Searches online are for local businesses. If you have a business, you need to have a presence on the internet, now […]

Use of Online Video: Free Report

Published on December 26, 2009 By Shaun

WellcomeMat.com is a video site for real estate. They recently did a survey and prepared a report about real estate video, but it has some very interesting implications for small business owners and the use of video online. You can download the report at their web site.

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