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The Top 10 Reasons to Have a Website (Part 2)

Published on May 13, 2011 By Shaun

This is the second page of “The Top 10 Reasons To Have A Website” If you missed the first page, click here (to page 1) –> 6. A huge number of people are on the Internet. People are on the Internet, looking for businesses and researching products. That is a given. However, with the advent […]

P90X Works!!!

Published on October 13, 2010 By Shaun

I went to the doctor today and found I have lost 13 pounds in 2 weeks! Wow. That is a little too fast, but wow. Needless to say, I want in on this multi-billion dollar industry. I looked to see if Beachbody (P90X’s company) has an affiliate program. They don’t. They are actually an MLM […]

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