Reputation Management

Your online reputation isn't a secret any more. Our reputation management services can help if you have a problem.

We all know that word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind of advertising. People have asked their friends and neighbors for recommendations for thousands of years.

Now, for better or for worse, word-of-mouth advertising has moved to the Internet, and now the whole world is your neighbor. With review sites such as,,,, and many more in specific industries, potential customers can visit a website and read a ton of reviews, good and bad, about almost any business. Informed consumers know that these review sites exist and they will do their research before they make a purchase. reports that 94% of consumers use the Internet to research products and services before they buy, whether they buy online or at offline retailers.

People are looking for information about your business. They will find it. Is it good, complete and informative? What are your potential customers “hearing” from your current customers?

If you have good reviews, people feel they have gotten valuable advice from good “friends” and they feel comfortable doing business with you. This type of positive peer pressure is extremely lucrative for your business. It is word-of-mouth advertising at its finest: The third-party endorsement.

The problem we have found is that happy customers are content to be happy and they don’t feel any special motivation to take the time to post a good review about your business.

An unhappy customer, on the other hand, will go to the ends of the earth to tell people about their “horrible” experience. And all it takes is one customer having a bad day to think they had a bad experience with you and their bad review is released to the whole world, in print, forever. This one bad review can ruin the chances of hundreds of potential customers of ever buying from you.

What if you don’t have bad reviews but you don’t have any good reviews either? That is also a problem. No reviews equals no customers in the minds of readers. And if you do have customers they don’t think enough of your business to say something good or bad.

So do you leave your reputation up to chance and hope for the best? Or do you take control of your reputation and get your customers’ good experiences online?

Take control of your own reputation. Whether you have good reviews, bad reviews or no reviews, Ellsworth Marketing’s proven reputation management system will keep the “new word-of-mouth” advertising working for you. We help you look great online. We turn a bad reputation into a good one and a good reputation into a great one.

This is what we do:

Build and Improve Your Online Reputation by:

Putting Good Reviews in the Best Locations Online

This step seems so simple and easy that you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it. Well, it is simple but it takes a lot of time and requires knowledge of key review sites to make the most of great reviews.

You have happy customers and our proven system gets their reviews online at the very best review sites. There is no point in having a good review if it will not be found by the search engines so we only use the best review sites and utilize the correct flow of reviews so that the reviews don’t raise red flags with the search engines.

Our system encourages your customers to write reviews and submit them to us. We digitally scan the reviews (to prove authenticity) and transcribe each good review we receive for you and post the best ones to the key review sites on the Internet.

If any bad reviews are submitted, we look at that as a learning opportunity and let you know where your customers feel your business can improve. Feedback like this is very valuable and should be used internally – but never posted!

We follow your reviews on the review sites daily so that if any unfavorable reviews are posted by unhappy customers, we can work quickly to make sure they are buried beneath your good reviews.

Creating and Managing a Yelp Business Page is the current King of internet review sites. It is king because of its millions of reviews and cutting-edge fraudulent review filter. Even though Ellsworth Marketing would never post fake reviews, Yelp does not allow reviews to be solicited and then posted.

Fortunately, Yelp offers a Business page that allows a business to interact with customers, building relationships and responding to unfavorable reviews. This can be a huge boost to your online reputation.

Many businesses receive a large percentage of their new customers from Yelp when they take advantage of the Business page. It is time-consuming but extremely effective. We want you to have this same success so we will create and manage a Yelp Business page for you, saving you time by having our top-notch customer service people interacting with your customers for you.

Improving Your Online “Local Business” Ranking on the Search Engines

Reviews are a great way to increase your local online search engine rankings. “Citations” are the other way to increase your local rankings. As long as we are improving your ranking with reputation management, we figured we would complete the job and take care of your citations as well.

Citations are references around the Internet about your business. The more citations you have the more it is recognized that you are a liked and popular business.

Citations are so important to the search engines and your reputation that if someone types your business name into the search engines, chances are, these citations will appear in the list before your own website.

An important element of building a good reputation online is increasing citations. We will post to over 100 authority directories and check monthly to make sure the information stays correct. You can view a video about the importance of citations by clicking here.

Creating a Blog-Based Website for You

Another key element to our online reputation system is to create a custom WordPress blog. This can be your main site or a secondary site. It looks very professional and you can add to it at any time. We provide 5 pages of optimized content and training on how to manage the site yourself (in case you want to).

As an optional service, We can maintain your blog weekly by posting relevant unique content about your industry from around the web. The Search Engines love “active” websites and blogs are a great way to attract their attention.

Claiming Your “Places” Pages on Google, Bing and Yahoo, the major search engines

The major search engines are replacing the yellow pages. To that end, they have created what are called “Places” pages for your business. It is a mini webpage for your business.

These pages often appear on the first page of a search for businesses in your industry. But, these pages need to be claimed and filled out correctly to do any good.

We will claim your “Places” page for you and manage it monthly to make sure the information stays correct and relevant. We also update these pages regularly as photos and new information becomes available.

Tracking Your Results

You should not spend one dollar of your advertising budget without being able to track your results. That’s what makes the internet so great! Visitors can be tracked. Your blog website statistics are available 24/7 for the blog we create. You can view statistics like, how many people have visited your site, what pages they were interested in, how long they were there and much more.

But we go a step further than that. We want to track real world business as well. We will install a tracking 800 number on your listings so we know when people are calling your business as a result of finding you on the Internet.

By using our tracking methods, you will know how good your online reputation is and if it is translating into actual customers.

We have more “trade secrets” that we can use to improve your online reputation. Please contact us at (909) 963-1380 for a free phone consultation. We can help improve your reputation online. This will make you look good (and who doesn’t want to look good?), make you an authority in your industry and get you more customers because when people read about how wonderful you are, they will want to purchase your products and services.

March Special

During the month of March, you can get two for the price of one. We will include our social media package with the reputation package. This builds your reputation even further by making it easy for people to get to know you.

We set up and maintain accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube. If you already have a Facebook page, we will set up a “Fan” page for you. For your YouTube page, we will create a free 30 second photo montage video that you can put on your website. Video marketing is our specialty. Ask about our “Hollywood” package.

Once these accounts are created, we will add content a few times a month to keep the sites active. We can add updates from your business (provided by you) or we can add industry news. We can also give you the login information so you can update these pages yourself, if you would like to.

Our goal with the social media package it to build relationships with customers and potential customers and get people to know like and trust you.

An added benefit to having the social media package is if there are unfavorable reviews about you found on the first page of Google, sometimes these social media sites will show up on the first page of the search results and bump your competitors and the bad review sites back to the second page of search results.

This 2-for-1 special is only good through March 31, 2011. Call us today at (909) 963-1380 for a free consultation.

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