A Happy Customer

Dear Prospective Customer:

My business relationship with Ellsworth Marketing has been nothing other than excellent. This past tax season I launched my own tax business. Mr. Ellsworth designed a business logo, a brochure, and webpage at a very affordable price. He was meticulous in making sure that his work was accurate, and met my satisfaction. He revised my final product several times until it met my satisfaction.

I was very pleased with the webpage he designed for me. He created a brand appeal that made many of my clients believe that my business was established and high end.

What pleased me most was the logo he designed. Like the webpage is has a brand appeal that looks as nice or nicer than the leaders in the tax preparation industry.

Mr. Ellsworth answers calls and responds to emails promptly and makes sure that the work he does meets your specifications.

All in all I highly recommend Ellsworth Marketing to any small business which wants to expand its market to the next highest level.


James E. Skaggs



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How Do Search Engine Spiders See Your Website?

Here is a great tool so that you can see how the search engines see your website. If your text doesn’t show up very prominently, then the search engines can’t index your site. This tool gives you an idea of how the search engines see your site. If you don’t like what you see, Ellsworth Marketing can help optimize your webpages and increase your rankings in the search engines.

Search Engine Spider Simulator

Enter URL to Spider

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The Top 10 Reasons to Have a Website (Part 2)

This is the second page of “The Top 10 Reasons To Have A Website”

If you missed the first page, click here (to page 1) –>

6. A huge number of people are on the Internet.

People are on the Internet, looking for businesses and researching products. That is a given. However, with the advent of smart phones, more and more people have Internet access on the go.

Now when people are out and about – not sitting at their desks – they can access the Internet on their mobile phones and smart devices and look for the nearest restaurant, shop or theater. If you aren’t on the Internet, you won’t get their business.

7. Even if you don’t sell online, you need a website

This is my favorite statistic of web usage:

“94% of consumers use the Internet to research products and services before they buy, whether they buy online or at offline retailers.” – compete.com

Did you get that? Even if you are strictly an offline retailer, people are researching products. They will come into your store, but it is only after researching you online. You need to be online, showing how fantastic your store and products are so that people will desire to buy from you. With a nice website, you can help them make that leap from online research to getting in their car and driving to your store.

8. The Internet targets a great demographic

Who has computers and the Internet? People with money. Who has online access with smart phones and ipads? People with money. Who buys online? People with money. Who are your customers? People with money. Right?

By having an online presence, you are already targeting your best customer, people with money. Computer users also tend to be younger and better educated. The “up and coming” in society tend to be avid computer and Internet users.

9. With a website you can be as big or small as you want.

This kind of goes along with #2, but it is worth saying. the Internet can extend the reach of your little corner store globally. Do you sell a hard to find item? You can sell it to the world if you have a website.

Do you provide a local service? Because of recent changes at Google, it is even easier to show up as a local business on the very first page of the search results. It takes knowing a few secrets, but it is very possible to show up on the first page of Google or “Main Street” as I like to call it. Contact us to find out how we can help you do it. It is one of our specialities.

10. Getting a website today is less expensive than ever before.

With today’s blogging technology, websites are easier than ever to set up. That is how I set up my $277 websites. I use the WordPress blogging platform to set up a custom website for my customers. To learn more, you can visit

On this site, I have samples of affordable website design I have done for my clients. They are very happy and I am sure you will be too. I have a 30 day money-back guarantee and no one has ever taken me up on it.

Personally, I don’t care if you get your site from me or from someone else. As a small business owner, I see the need for all businesses to have a website to succeed in today’s tough economy and I just want to help.

Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts about this topic and if you have any questions. I try and answer all questions and I really appreciate your comments.

Thank you, Shaun

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The Top 10 Reasons to Have a Website

business website

Having an affordable website helps your business grow

I can’t believe that 50% of small business still don’t have a website or other online presence. That is crazy talk. That is like still using a horse and buggy 50 years after the automobile has been invented.

So, I decided to share my thoughts on the subject and I have come up with “The Top 10 Reasons To Have A Website” today.

1. People are looking for you online – you must be there.

This is listed first for a reason. What other reason do you need?

Let me repeat that, “People are looking for you online.”

Allow me to give you some statistics. I just pulled these numbers this morning. …

16,600,000 people looked for a doctor over the last 30 days
9,140,000 looked for an attorney
7,480,000 looked for carpet
6,120,000 looked for a dentist
2,740,000 looked for a plastic surgeon
1,830,000 looked for a contractor
1,830,000 looked for a painter
1,220,000 looked for pest control

If you aren’t online your customers can’t find you. Sure, word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind and if you have it, good for you, but there are still a lot of potential customers out there doing business with your competitors because they can’t find you.

2. A website tells the world who you are and builds a professional image

A favorite New Yorker cartoon of mine shows a dog sitting at his computer speaking with another dog. The first dog says, “On the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog.”

That says it all. On the Internet, you are who you say you are. The Internet allows us to show our best face to the world. You can create any persona you want. You don’t have to look like a small business on the Internet. No one has to know it is just you hanging out in your garage.

Regardless of what your real business looks like, you can have a very professional appearance with a nice professional web site. A nice website gives a company instant credibility.

3. You can put a lot of information on a website and it is available around the clock

You can put more information on a website than you can on your business card, in an ad or even in a brochure. With a website, information about your business is available 24/7.

Your website can answer the same question about your business over and over again without getting tired or upset. People can email you (via a “contact us” form) 24 hours a day and you can answer when you get around to it.

4. The Internet is the new Yellow Pages.

The Internet surpassed the Yellow pages as the place to look for information about businesses several years ago. Why do you think the yellow page companies are getting into web directories? They know their days are numbered.

The Internet is much more interactive than the yellow pages. Today we can have maps, directions, ratings and reviews on our websites and elsewhere on the web. We can even include click-to-call capabilities for smart phone Internet browsers. You can’t make a call from the yellow pages. You have to actually have to pick up and dial the phone. How last century is that?

5. Automation is the Future

You can automate many of your normal business processes using the Internet. I don’t like doing business with companies if I can’t order or pay my bill online. YOu can can buy and sell online. You can collect information online. Do people need to sign up for your services? Put a signup form online. The information they enter goes straight into a database so you can organize it on your computer.

Have people make payments online. Set up automatic subscriptions. I do. That way you don’t need to worry about billing. Every month money shows up in your bank account. It is wonderful. Let me tell you.

This list turned out to be longer than I expected. You can continue reading the rest of “The Top 10 Reasons To Have A Website” by clicking here. (To page 2) –>

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New Affordable Website Design Project

tax preparer website design

CaplinTax.com - website for Ken Caplin, tax preparer and financial planner

A few weeks ago, Ken Caplin, a member of the Orange Rotary (remember when I made a presentation there?) contacted me and requested my services to create a tax preparation website for him. I provided one of my affordable websites for him and he is very happy with the results. We had to hurry to get it up during the tax season so he could start getting customers. He has been very busy.

Ken has also started making his own posts. He understands the importance of continually building on the site and keeping it “alive” so Google notices it. We set the site up so that the main page is a static page and the blog feature is called upwhen the “Tax News” link is clicked on. Great stuff, Ken! Keep up the great work.

Interested in learning more about our affordable website design? Click here.

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Why You Should Care About Google Place Pages

1. Your customers are looking for you online
20% of searches have local intent and it will increase in the years to come.

2. Google Places acts as a one-stop-shop for your brand
Some people don’t like the idea that Google places page can pull people away from the company website, but it is probably better to embrace google than fight it. You will lose.
3. Google loves (to rank) Place Pages

Places pages show up on the FIRST PAGE of Google. You have to love that! Of course Google is going to rank its own pages best, right?

4. Google Places connects third-party sites
Google pulls reviews and other information about your business to your Places page

Click here to read the original article about Google Places Page

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Great Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Mobile Marketing for Restaurants

Looking for great Looking for great restaurant marketing ideas? Try SMS marketing (text message marketing)

Looking for great restaurant marketing ideas? You have come to the right place. I just wrote a whole page on a restaurant marketing technique that uses SMS messaging (you might know it as “text messaging”). It is easy to set up and get rolling and you should see results within a week or two. Restaurants are using it to fill their empty tables on slow nights. Good stuff.

Check out the details here:  Great Restaurant Marketing Ideas

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Reputation Management

girls whispering about reputation management

Your online reputation isn't a secret any more. We can help with our reputation management services.

Because of the great demand we are experiencing from our customers, we are adding “reputation management” to our suite of online services. It ties in very nicely with our extensive Internet Marketing experience.

Because of the innumerable forums and review sites on the Internet, the Internet has become the new water cooler for people to gather around and gossip. These review sites are where the new “word-of-mouth” marketing is taking place. Thus the need for online reputation management.

If you are a small business owner or a professional service provider, you must keep an eye on your online reputation. It is amazing to find out who is talking about you and what they are saying. Google your business name, personal name and your city to see what people are saying about you. You might be surprised.

I hope you are pleasantly surprised with your online reputation, but if you have a customer bent on your destruction (it happens!), please contact us for a free consultation to see what we can do to help. You can call us at (909) 963-1380.

Please click here for more information on our online reputation management services.

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New Local Search Video

I spent all day working on a video for businesses to watch. Really. All day. From 8 am to 3 am the next morning. It is fun to work on, but it always takes longer than I think it will.

What is the video about? It is about how Google’s Local Search rankings have improved and how that is like having a “skip to the front of the line” ticket for the top 7 local businesses in an area.

You can watch the video below.

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Local Business Rankings

Google recently released a video explaining how their local search results products work. Local search is a great way for local businesses to compete with the big dogs. If I am looking for a dentist, I don’t want one in New York. Nothing against New York, but I am in southern California.

Google serves up local businesses on the first page of search results. If you can rank on the first page, you can bypass 12 million other sites and actually get traffic. Local search is something to learn more about. Here is the video…

Local search is such a great opportunity for local businesses that we have added a new local search package to our services. Contact us at (909) 963-1380 to get more information. We can help you get to the first page of Google.

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