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According to Google, next year, 2013, more people will access the Internet through their cell phone than with a PC. If you are a business that people look for on the go: emergency services, entertainment, dining, retail, people are looking for you using their smartphones.

How does your website measure up? Most of the time, standard websites look like teeny tiny versions of themselves. They are hard to see and hard to navigate. The answer is to have a mobile optimized website created suing the information from your standard site.

Special things to add to a mobile website:

Click-to-call. This is where your phone number on the site is clickable. When it is clicked, it calls the number. You are holding a phone in your hand after all.

Directions. If someone is looking for you on their mobile phone, they are traveling and they want to buy. Now. Adding directions to your mobile website so they can find you is very important.

When designing your mobile site, keep in mind that it is mainly for sharing information. It might not be as fancy as your standard site because pictures take up valuable room on the screen. The important thing is to have the information people are looking for right at their fingertips: Hours, directions, menu, your products and services, etc.

Once you have a mobile optimized site, you can consider Google advertising. Google has a program where you can buy advertising that comes up at the top of a mobile search. AT THE TOP. If the ad is relevant to their search, it it extremely likely to get clicked on.

Ellsworth Marketing can build your mobile website and handle Google advertising setup and maintenance. In fact, we have just been accepted by Google and have $100 advertising coupons to give away to new advertising customers.

Here is a video that shows how mobile advertising can improve your business:

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