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Looking for great Looking for great restaurant marketing ideas? Try SMS marketing (text message marketing)

This is one of the best restaurant marketing ideas we have come across. More people are on their smart phones now days than they are on the Internet. This is a great advertising opportunity for restaurant owners. Technology allows you to send coupons and messages to people who already frequent your establishment.

SMS (text message) technology allows you to send text messages to your customers immediately, once they have signed up for your service. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to send out coupons when you are having a slow night and need to fill tables?

Afraid you aren’t very techno savvy? That is fine. Ellsworth Marketing can take care of everything!

Here are some restaurant marketing ideas on how to fill those empty tables:

Start by creating custom table tents that invite people to join your “mobile club” by texting “GREATFOOD” or another keyword to a short code number, ie. 12345. You might want to include a discount on their meal, discount the next time they come in, a free soda, a free dessert, or whatever. They text your keyword to the number and immediately, their cellphone number is entered into your mailing list.

Now you have a direct line to your customers. Who doesn’t carry their cellphone with them wherever they go? Cellphone, keys and wallet. That is what everyone makes sure they have when they leave their homes.

After a few weeks, you should have quite a few names and numbers on your list. You can start sending out special deals to your customers. If you have a slow night, you can send out a message such as, “From 5 to 7 tonight, show this message to your server for a free dessert, drinks, half off second entree”, whatever you want to discount.

Just like great food, great restaurant marketing ideas are wonderful to behold

The list is made up of your happy customers that already dine in your restaurant. You know this because they signed up while in your restaurant. By offering a meaningful discount, you can get these same people back into your restaurant to fill your tables.

This system is very easy to manage and in fact, we can take care of every step for you. You can just send us an email and we will send out the text message for you. All you need to do is wait for people to walk in your door. We design and print the table tents, organize the keyword and shortcode, and post the messages to your clients.

I’m sure you have heard of Facebook and Twitter. Do you know how to use these social media platforms to generate business? Ellsworth Marketing does. As part of your mobile marketing package, we can also establish and maintain your online presence. We can suggest people “follow” you on Twitter and “friend” you on Facebook, using the table tents.

Your custom table tent can display many great restaurant marketing ideas such as “join our mobile club”, “friend us on Facebook” and “Follow us on Twitter”. We can even create a video commercial that they can watch on YouTube while they wait for their meal. You have a captive audience. Might as well use the time to bond with your customers.

Finally, we can help you generate great reviews for your restaurant. The restaurant  with the most good reviews wins. The Internet is the new word of mouth. People go online to read about your place. If your reviews are good, you have a better chance of having them come in to try you out. We can manage your online reputation so you look great to anyone looking. We can even help out with Yelp.

You know great food. We know what it takes to get people to know, like and trust your business. Our restaurant marketing ideas are cutting edge and can really make a difference in your business and in your bottom line.

If you are ready to generate a mailing list that is worth its weight in gold, develop great relationships with your customers and fill those empty tables on demand, contact Ellsworth Marketing today for a free consultation at (909) 963-1380. You will be very glad you did.

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