Google Changes Places Page Rules for Local Search

It seems Google has changed things up again for SEO professionals. They have changed some of the emphasis on the Google Places page for local search. For a full report, click here:

It seems citations aren’t as important on the places page, of they don’t place as prominently on the page as they once did. They are still important as backlinks and have a place in a basic SEO strategy, but the real emphasis has been placed on reviews, and more importantly, Google reviews.

We have known for a while that reviews about a business are important, but now Google highlights the ability to write reviews by placing two bright red buttons on the places page for people who want to create a review about a business. This shows that they are wanting to have more control over reviews.

The smart thing to do when Google makes changes like this is not to complain. What is that going to do? It is to figure out how to work with it to use it to our advantage. Have friends and family who have actually used your services go to Google and make a review there for you. Make sure they are real reviewers because cheating will only get you in more trouble with the search engines if you fake it.

Contact me if you have any questions or would like help setting up a review generating program.

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