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I read a great article today about “pimping out” your Google places page. If you don’t know, Google has created a “local business page” for 50 million businesses. Your business might already be listed there. If you aren’t, it is easy enough to add your own listing.

Why do you want to improve your Google Places page? Because it shows up on the first page of Google if you get in the top seven local businesses in your industry. That is a great place to be. Anyway, any time I find information like this that will improve web site rankings, I read it and will try to pass it on to you.

Here are 16 ways you can improve your Google places page:

1. Get your Google Places page to 100% completeness
2. Make sure you get at least 5 Google reviews from your customers
3. Get DOUBLE sets of average-review stars
4. Upload as many photos as you humanly can to major third-party sites
5. Add a “post” to your Places page that includes a link
6. Reply to every customer review written on your Places page
7. Get “Best Ever” reviews
8. Turn a couple of customer testimonials into photos, and upload the photos to your Places page
9. Get as many customer reviews as you can on 3 or 4 third-party sites
10. If possible, ask your most loyal customers – or bestest friends 😉 – to upload photos to your Places page
11. Add a caption to the first photo you upload
12. Add several different “Offers”-AKA coupons-to your Places page
13. Add photos to your “Offers.”
14. Get enough reviews that the “At a glance” snippets appear on your Places page
15. Upload a photo of a QR code to your Places page
16. See if you can snag an award

I would recommend reading the whole article at the Whitespark blog.

If you don’t have time to work on this yourself, we post your business listing and work on these steps in one of our web services upgrades. Contact Us if you want more information.

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