Great Mobile Website and SMS Marketing

I saw this video the other day and wanted to share it with you. This guy has a mobile website that works with a text message marketing or sms marketing campaign. It is pretty seamless restaurant marketing. Check it out and if it looks like something you want to add something like this to your marketing, give us a call (909) 963-1380.

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A Plus Sprinkler and Landscape Testimonial

I made a special offer to my clients at the end of 2011. Because the end of the year is notoriously slow, I said I would make a free video for my customers. 3 got back to me and got their free video. While I was there, I asked them to say a word or two about Ellsworth Marketing and our web design services.

My customers are great. I really appreciate them. This was the first video that we shot. Andy Villaescusa of A Plus Sprinkler and Landscape gave us this great testimonial. Thanks Andy!

Here is some of what Andy said about us…

“I had Shaun set up my website for me… It has helped me with my business, grow my customers. It has been a very very positive thing for me. And it has enabled me to reach clientele that I normally wouldn’t have been able to reach before. I now have a web presence which makes a big difference because most people now days go to the web.”

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Sierra Locksmith Testimonial

Ron at Sierra Locksmith had us design his website. We also take care of his business listings, blog management and paid advertising (PPC) with AdWords. We even created a mobile website for him, because a lot of his business is 24/7 locksmith rescue work – you know, like when you lock your keys in the car and need someone to come help you out. We really enjoy working with Ron because he is open to new ideas and new technology. If you need a locksmith in the Inland Empire, give Ron a call. “He’s got your key!”

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Steve Venét from paints poker tournaments and poker players. Ellsworth Marketing created and hosts their affordable website. Our prices start at only $277 for a 5-page WordPress site. We will even install your content for you at that price. If you want SEO or Search Engine optimized content written for you, our 5-page site is only $497. That is an affordable website! Visit our web design site, to see samples of our work. You can contact us through the site or call us at (909) 963-1380.

Shaun Ellsworth of Ellsworth Marketing says, “Working with Steve and Pearl to create, a poker painting website was a pleasure. Steve does very unique art in an interesting niche like poker. It was fun taking his art, and creatively displaying it on an attractive website for them. We love making out client’s website design dreams come true.”

You can see Steve Venét’s poker paintings and poker art at Enjoy!

Mobile Phone Website

According to Google, next year, 2013, more people will access the Internet through their cell phone than with a PC. If you are a business that people look for on the go: emergency services, entertainment, dining, retail, people are looking for you using their smartphones.

How does your website measure up? Most of the time, standard websites look like teeny tiny versions of themselves. They are hard to see and hard to navigate. The answer is to have a mobile optimized website created suing the information from your standard site.

Special things to add to a mobile website:

Click-to-call. This is where your phone number on the site is clickable. When it is clicked, it calls the number. You are holding a phone in your hand after all.

Directions. If someone is looking for you on their mobile phone, they are traveling and they want to buy. Now. Adding directions to your mobile website so they can find you is very important.

When designing your mobile site, keep in mind that it is mainly for sharing information. It might not be as fancy as your standard site because pictures take up valuable room on the screen. The important thing is to have the information people are looking for right at their fingertips: Hours, directions, menu, your products and services, etc.

Once you have a mobile optimized site, you can consider Google advertising. Google has a program where you can buy advertising that comes up at the top of a mobile search. AT THE TOP. If the ad is relevant to their search, it it extremely likely to get clicked on.

Ellsworth Marketing can build your mobile website and handle Google advertising setup and maintenance. In fact, we have just been accepted by Google and have $100 advertising coupons to give away to new advertising customers.

Here is a video that shows how mobile advertising can improve your business:

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Pimp Your Google Places Page

I read a great article today about “pimping out” your Google places page. If you don’t know, Google has created a “local business page” for 50 million businesses. Your business might already be listed there. If you aren’t, it is easy enough to add your own listing.

Why do you want to improve your Google Places page? Because it shows up on the first page of Google if you get in the top seven local businesses in your industry. That is a great place to be. Anyway, any time I find information like this that will improve web site rankings, I read it and will try to pass it on to you.

Here are 16 ways you can improve your Google places page:

1. Get your Google Places page to 100% completeness
2. Make sure you get at least 5 Google reviews from your customers
3. Get DOUBLE sets of average-review stars
4. Upload as many photos as you humanly can to major third-party sites
5. Add a “post” to your Places page that includes a link
6. Reply to every customer review written on your Places page
7. Get “Best Ever” reviews
8. Turn a couple of customer testimonials into photos, and upload the photos to your Places page
9. Get as many customer reviews as you can on 3 or 4 third-party sites
10. If possible, ask your most loyal customers – or bestest friends 😉 – to upload photos to your Places page
11. Add a caption to the first photo you upload
12. Add several different “Offers”-AKA coupons-to your Places page
13. Add photos to your “Offers.”
14. Get enough reviews that the “At a glance” snippets appear on your Places page
15. Upload a photo of a QR code to your Places page
16. See if you can snag an award

I would recommend reading the whole article at the Whitespark blog.

If you don’t have time to work on this yourself, we post your business listing and work on these steps in one of our web services upgrades. Contact Us if you want more information.

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Great Repeating Backgrounds for Your Website

repeating backgrounds

Just a sample of the repeating backgrounds you can find at

I just came across a great website that has a ton of really nice repeating backgrounds. If you have one of my $277 websites, you can replace the background I have put there if you want. I don’t recommend you do. But you can.

The website is:

The patterns are free, but you can leave a donation if you like. Cruise on over and see his repeating backgrounds. You might find one you really like.

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Google Changes Places Page Rules for Local Search

It seems Google has changed things up again for SEO professionals. They have changed some of the emphasis on the Google Places page for local search. For a full report, click here:

It seems citations aren’t as important on the places page, of they don’t place as prominently on the page as they once did. They are still important as backlinks and have a place in a basic SEO strategy, but the real emphasis has been placed on reviews, and more importantly, Google reviews.

We have known for a while that reviews about a business are important, but now Google highlights the ability to write reviews by placing two bright red buttons on the places page for people who want to create a review about a business. This shows that they are wanting to have more control over reviews.

The smart thing to do when Google makes changes like this is not to complain. What is that going to do? It is to figure out how to work with it to use it to our advantage. Have friends and family who have actually used your services go to Google and make a review there for you. Make sure they are real reviewers because cheating will only get you in more trouble with the search engines if you fake it.

Contact me if you have any questions or would like help setting up a review generating program.

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Affordable Website Design – Cheap Web Designer

I just finished a sales video advertising “Affordable Website Design – Cheap Web Designer” to put on my site. Cooper helped me shoot it. I edited it in Final Cut Pro. I had a good time making it and should really make more of them. Let me know what you think.

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Google “Plus One” (+1) Is Here

Google has launched a +1 button, similar to a Facebook “like” button to help surfers share their favorite sites with their friends and families. If this works, Google may be using this type of social feedback to help them rank sites, so you need to get the plus one button on your site as soon as possible. Here is a little video that shows you how the whole thing works:

What do you think about this new button? Is it friend or foe? Please comment and let us know. If you like the idea, please +1 this post. Thanks!

You can learn more and get your code here. Let us know if you need help and we can set it up for you.

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